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Gosh now the dark nights are setting in, it leaves us wanting to snuggle up with a brew and a book to read. Incase you have no book I have managed to interview Mr Darren Daly , Director of ‘Everybody Look At Me’.
How long have you been directing?
I’ve been directing since 2001.
Why did you decide to get into theatre?
I used to work in a very boring profession and left that to study music and performing arts. I wanted to be a singer but started acting and directing, loved it and never looked back.
Was there someone who inspired you to get into theatre?
I was inspired to get into drama by film, watching actors like DeNiro, Brando, Pacino and films directed by Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppolla. I was only introduced to theatre when I began studying it. 
Is there a particular show that you could call your favorite (that you directed)
My favourite show to direct has been this one, “Everybody Look At Me”.
Have you ever played a role in a play you directed?
I have never appeared in a show that I have directed. I don’t think it’s really ever a good idea to do that. It’s more possible in film but even then I don’t think I would ever try.
What are some bad habits that you’ve seen actors develop that you’ve had a hard time dealing with?
I don’t think there’s any bad habit that I have a hard time dealing with. Habits can be broken.
What would you say to someone who wants to get into theatre?
You should only get into theatre if you absolutely love it. There’s no money and hardly any work.
Have you ever encountered someone who had absolutely no talent?
And did you have to break it to them?

Everyone has talent.
Have you ever written a play? If so, did you get to direct it?
I have written a few plays but they have never been produced and I don’t think I’d direct my own.
What do you think of those students (actors) who seem to think it’s necessary to be the strangest people they can be?
I think people are free to be whoever they want to be – student actors or not. 
What is your philosophy on the profession of acting?
My philosophy on the profession of acting would be, “Don’t demonstrate”
What, in your opinion, is the difference between a star and an actor? Can they be interchangeable?
Star relates to celebrity not talent. An actor can be a star and a vice versa. They are not interchangeable terms however.
Was there ever a show you directed that was miscast? In other words, have you ever regretted casting certain people for certain roles? Or have you been pretty spot on in your casting?
The only time I regretted a casting was down to personality rather than acting ability. The show was on tour and there were personality clashes in the cast whilst they were away. I didn’t have to experience much of it but it was a difficult time for the rest of the cast.
Has anyone you’ve ever directed gone on to do something widely seen?
Not yet but there’s plenty of time.
How have you found the experience of directing ‘EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME?
The experience has been very enjoyable. I have many friends in Derby so I’ve been able to catch up with them whist I’m up here instead of London. Also, the Fifth Word team have been a pleasure throughout. I shall miss it.