We’ve been up in bonny Scotland for a couple of weeks now, so we thought it was about time for a little catch up. If you’ve been following us on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ll already have some idea of how well Bones has been received at this year’s Fringe, but for those of you who haven’t, here’s a quick look at our highlights so far.
We have had some lovely reviews from a number of publications, including 5s from Fest Magazine and Three Weeks, plus a lovely little cluster of 4s from The Public Reviews, Informed Edinburgh, Scotsgay and The List! Needless to say, we are pleased as punch with the response we’ve had so far! The lovely people from Fest Magazine were so impressed with Bones that they put us the front cover of their last edition and wrote an article all about the piece.

Read it here:

’One of the most gripping solo shows in the Fringe – Stage Must See!’
The Stage
(http://ed.thestage.co.uk/reviews/1255) ’Storytelling to perfection…; shockingly realistic. Left me agape in wide-eyed awe’
Three Weeks
(http://www.threeweeks.co.uk/edailies/110819.html#reviews) ’Believable. powerful and quite genuinely heartbreaking’
’A superlative performance from Joe Doherty’
’Explosive debut production from playwright Jane Upton’
Fest Magazine
(http://www.festmag.co.uk/reviews/100331-bones) ’An intense and very rewarding piece’
The List
(http://edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/event/229591-bones/) ’Compelling, thought provoking, emotive, challenging…;’
’An emerging actor with unquestionable talent’
The Public Reviews
(http://www.thepublicreviews.com/ed-fringe-2011-bones-–-zoo-aviary/) ’Poignant, sincere and unrelenting throughout’
Informed Edinburgh
(http://www.informededinburgh.co.uk/uncategorized/bones-fringe-review/) ’This is a stunning piece of theatre that will have you clued to your seat…;a really memorable and special experience’.