Script sent!

Well it’s nearly that time of year for the biggest fringe festival in the world! Angharad and I are planning our trip to Edinburgh to see what this year’s theatrical delights have on offer! Even if we’re not performing at the festival we still like to pay a visit as it’s great to keep abreast of new work – and we really do hope we will see something inspiring! Keep an eye on our message board under the topic ‘shows to talk about’ for an update on what we’ve seen! Or if you’re going up please add your comments about shows you’ve seen – good or bad!
It’s great to see that people have been using the message board on the site and we have had a few questions about how we set up the company and our experiences of taking a show to the fringe- so if this can be of use to anyone please let them know.
Last week we had a meeting with Derby LIVE and we can now confirm that our next production will be ‘in association’ with them which is great news for Fifth Word. The show will be in development during this autumn with a view to perform in autumn 2010.
Next week we are running a week long summer school at Village primary school. Young people will have the opportunity to work with professional theatre artists to produce a short play around the theme of world stories…; this should be a lot of fun as we have got some fantastic old myths and legends to explore!
The Mighty Creative’s (formally known as creative partnerships) would like us to come back to Haydn Primary next year for some further work around the fantastic mantle of the expert model. We hope to get in touch with the Dorothy Heathcote (the inventor! – Who we were lucky enough to be mentored by! ) for some words of wisdom in order to develop our practice even more.

Till the next time,