Script sent!

Hello All,
Firstly thank you all for the comments about our website which have been really positive. Those people who have commented via our facebook pages- thanks again however it would be great if you could comment directly on to the site to help us get the ball rolling so to speak.

It has been busy here in the world of Fifth Word with many different projects on the go. We recently finished a month- long schools project in Nottingham where we used the ‘Mantle of the Expert’ (MOE) model of working (please see the workshops page for more info on this model)

Last week we were working with Da Vinci College on another MOE project where we worked with 140 young people over two days. We must give a big thank you to the other artists who collaborated with us on this project, Film City and Artblock.

In the pipeline… we have a number of projects booked in including the production of a sexual health DVD for Amber youth Team where we will be collaborating with Film City once again.

Our production work is gathering momentum and after initial meetings with artists who will be involved in the next show something tangible at last seems to be emerging! Once funding has been secured we will provide more updates on this.

We always love to hear from you… so if you have any questions or comments or just want to let us know what you’re up to visit our message board and get involved
Til the next time…